Exit Wounds

The Guradian. Photograph by Sean Clee

In England’s Guardian newspaper, poet Carol Ann Duffy presents poems by fellow poets in response to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. “War, it seems, makes poets of soldiers and not the other way round,” she writes. “Today, as most of us do, poets largely experience war – wherever it rages – through emails or texts from friends or colleagues in war zones, through radio or newsprint or television, through blogs or tweets or interviews. With the official inquiry into Iraq imminent and the war in Afghanistan returning dead teenagers to the streets of Wootton Bassett, I invited a range of my fellow poets to bear witness, each in their own way, to these matters of war.”

In a poem entitled “Afghanistan,” Irish poet Paul Muldoon offers a single couplet:

It’s getting dark, but not dark enough to see
An exit wound as an exit strategy.

Read Duffy’s complete introduction and the rest of the poems here.



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