Does Islam Stand Against Science?



From The Chronicle of Higher Education:

“Science in Muslim societies already lags far behind the scientific achievements of the West, but what adds a fair amount of contemporary angst is that Islamic civilization was once the unrivaled center of science and philosophy. What’s more, Islam’s “golden age” flourished while Europe was mired in the Dark Ages.

“This history raises a troubling question: What caused the decline of science in the Muslim world?”

Read the entire article here: Does Islam Stand Against Science? – The Chronicle Review – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

One Response to “Does Islam Stand Against Science?”

  1. Tonya Bapties says:

    For a long time, science and religion have always battled against each other. For example, the topic of evolution in science contradicts how the world was simply made by God. As far as the Muslim world goes, religion has rapidly taken over their identity and overall way of living life. So the decline of science in the Muslim world is not really all that sup rising as religion has taken over life’s aspects. The Muslim world has increasingly adopted religion as their perspective on life, which can clearly reject the more logical, opposed to the blind faith of religion, perspective of science.

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