Postcards from Hell, 2011 | Foreign Policy


Postcards from Hell, 2011 | Foreign Policy.

This photo essay from Foreign Policy magazine uses the Failed State Index (FSI)  to provide a glimpse at the world’s most fragile — and often most dangerous — states:

Hear the words “failed state,” and a certain unshakable set of images likely floods your vision. There is poverty, insecurity, and a disregard for human dignity. Families fight for their survival, and political regimes fight to extend their rule. Some weak states are simply geographical aspirations on a map, filled with destitution and squalor. Others are, if anything, too strong; citizens of Zimbabwe and Syria might be better off if their countries’ security forces weren’t quite so good at repression.

This is the world of the fragile state — a world that is a grim reality for an alarming percentage of the global population. A quarter of the world’s human beings live in the 60 worst-ranking countries on the 2011 Failed States Index (FSI), which examines the year 2010. Here’s a glimpse of their daily existence.

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