Is Ramadan Fair to Girls? « Afghan Women’s Writing Project


Editor’s note: Islam’s month of Ramadan this year began on August 1st. Our writer has been fasting for the first week and weighs in on what is fair.

“Ramadan is a special month in Islam for Muslims. During Ramadan people take fast. They don’t eat or drink anything, and they take special care to avoid the actions Islam forbids. For example, during this holy month Muslims don’t lie, they don’t insult anybody, they don’t fight, and if they do, their fast won’t be accepted.

“On Ramadan days I sleep a lot because it’s very hot and the weather is tiring. From sunrise to sundown we don’t eat or drink anything, even water, which can also make you tired. But after sundown every night we have Iftar, the big meal to break our fast. I watch movies during the long, hot days to make the time pass faster and Iftar come sooner.”

via Is Ramadan Fair to Girls? « Afghan Women’s Writing Project.

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