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I Saw a Woman, with Water in Her Hands « Afghan Women's Writing Project

I Saw a Woman, with Water in Her Hands « Afghan Women’s Writing Project

One day, alongside the road, I saw a woman, with water in her hands. I was in the car, with air conditioning, but still I felt warm, but that woman, she must bring water from at least 100 meters. I looked at the future of Afghan women— We call for changes, we claim we’ve made […]

Is Ramadan Fair to Girls? « Afghan Women's Writing Project

Is Ramadan Fair to Girls? « Afghan Women’s Writing Project

  Editor’s note: Islam’s month of Ramadan this year began on August 1st. Our writer has been fasting for the first week and weighs in on what is fair. “Ramadan is a special month in Islam for Muslims. During Ramadan people take fast. They don’t eat or drink anything, and they take special care to […]

Exit Wounds

Exit Wounds

In England’s Guardian newspaper, poet Carol Ann Duffy presents poems by fellow poets in response to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. “War, it seems, makes poets of soldiers and not the other way round,” she writes. “Today, as most of us do, poets largely experience war – wherever it rages – through emails or […]

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