The 2011 y:1 seminars

These are the y:1 Seminars for Fall 2011.  The theme was “Testing Tolerance.”


Muslim Immigration and Assimilation in Modern Europe


Professors: Marie-Thérèse Killiam (French) and Padmini Coopamah (Government and International Affairs) In this seminar we will examine the experience of Muslim immigrants in Europe, with a particular focus on France. Through the study of literary and scholarly texts, supplemented by movies and documentaries, we will explore the challenges that Muslim immigration poses for the immigrants themselves and for their host countries. How do the values and actions of each side feed the cultural conflict?

9/11 and the “New Normal” Decade


Professors: Spencer D. Bakich (Government and International Affairs) and David Griffith (Creative Writing) This seminar investigates precisely how the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, ushered forth broad political and social change in the United States and abroad. Among the questions the class will explore are what strategic and moral dilemmas are involved in confronting a global jihadist insurgency and what analytical devices are required to reach a sophisticated understanding of how the U.S. has responded to 9/11.

The Development of Modern Science: Reason vs. Extremism, from Ancient Times to the Modern World


Professor: Abraham L. Yousef (Chemistry) This seminar will explore the origin and development of science from the ancient Greek, Chinese, and Arabic cultures through the Middle Ages and the scientific revolution to the present day. We will examine the ways that scientific thinking differs from conventional human thought and how it has conflicted with past (and modern) religious extremist views. Students will be introduced to the individuals and concepts central to the development of modern science.

Existence, Resistance, and Empire


Professors: Kevin Honeycutt (Philosophy) and Bryce Walker (Classics) What are empires? How does personal and cultural identity contribute to the participation in or resistance to empire? What are the effects of empire on one’s identity and worldview? We will explore these questions by looking at Roman control of the Middle East in antiquity, French colonialism in North Africa, and contemporary concerns about American foreign policy.

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