Don Goodrich and The Axis of Good, Here on Oct. 10


Don Goodrich is the father of Peter M. Goodrich who was on board the second plane to hit the World Trade Towers  on September 11, 2001.  Don and his wife Sally founded The Peter M. Goodrich Memorial Foundation, which has worked primarily in the Pashtun provinces of Afghanistan supporting education and addressing the fundamental needs of fragile populations. In the Unites States the Foundation works with private and public secondary schools and colleges to identify educational opportunities for student exchange.

For the past four years, filmmaker Rick Derby has been directing and producing Axis of Good, a story from 9/11, a feature documentary about the Goodrich family and the work of the Foundation.  The film is not yet completed.   The Sweet Briar Community is invited to see the film in its present form and to hear Mr. Goodrich speak about the Peter M. Goodrich Memorial Foundation, at 8:00 pm on Monday, Oct. 10, in the FAC 1948 Theater.  Mr. Goodrich will also be meeting with the combined y:1 seminar classes earlier Monday and with a writing class on Tuesday.


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